If you practice Muay Thai sure you’ve ever dreamed of going to Thailand to train at a Training Camp, to live that experience that every Muay Thai fighter has to live once in a life.310820111268
Thailand,  Mecca of Muay Thai fighters from around the world, a country of physical and spiritual enrichment, place of the origins of a great culture and a place of retirement of our society.
Coming to Thailand will open your mind, will help you to meet people with other points of view, will help you to understand other ways of life and appreciate what you have.
This trip is made for those who want to go further but still doubt, an organized tour in which you will start the search of the unique experience of Muay Thai in Thailand.
On this trip you’ll train hard the body but also your mind, it will teach you to respect yourself and your opponent, it will teach you also the philosophy of Muay Thai and you will see how the Thais take it as a way of life.