Another highlight of this trip is the supervision of the famous Grand Master of Muay Thai Khruu Sae.

Known as the driver of Muay Korat he travel around Thailand teaching the Buffalo Fist technique with other techniques derived from Muay Boran.Khruu Sa enseñando 3


-Born in June 29, 1961 in Nakhon Ratchasima, also birthplace of Muay Korat.

-On his childhood he was interested in martial arts and he had unusual physical abilities.Khruu Sa Bautizando 5

-At the age of 9 he joined the Armed Forces joining the Royal Military Academy of Cadets, honoring his family he formed the group of Youth Elite Forces Scouts.

Khruu Sa militar joven 1-He started Muay Thai at the age of 12 in Korat University Muay Thai school where he continued and competed until joining the Artillery Forces.

-Muay Thai Champion (1980-1983) at the Military University Korat.

-In college he got started in sports like Judo, Rugby, Wrestling, and he was 400 meters runner.

-After completing military service he graduated and currently runs the position of Colonel at Suranaree Camp in Nakhon Ratchashima.

______In 2007 he resumed his studies of Muay Thai in order to become Grand Master of Muay Thai, having started in childhood in Muay Thai he became Grand Master in 2009.

Khruu Sa Oro 7He is currently studying the Doctorate in Muay Thai which will give him one of the most precious powers for the Masters of Muay Thai, is expected to complete his training in 2013.


This last step will lift him from Grand Master to Leyend.

To learn more about Grand Master Khruu Sae visit his website: