As the final destination of the trip we will travel to the ruins of the ancient Kingdom of Ayutthaya whereGrandmaster Khruu Sa will teach us the ancient Muay Boran techniques.ayutthaya_1



Here you will feel going back to the past with the ancient warriors who created this martial art to fight their neighbouring countries: Cambodia and Burma.



Wai Kru Muay Thai Ceremony


You will learn techniques not used in modern Muay Thai but you will be amazed by its effectiveness and ingenuity when you execute them.



Buddha save

Going back to the roots of a martial art is essential to understand where the actual techniques come from.



Copia de DSC08093

Listen to the story of the origins will help you to get closer to the culture of the country and know that this martial art is full of unknown techniques that many fighters want to learn.



The journey ends, it’s just time to go home and practice what you have learned but remember that:

  The adventure continues!Tailandia 2011 (548) - Ayutthaya - Wat Lokayasutha - Reclining Buddha